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The House That Jack Built

"The House That Jack Built", Guy Adams' entry in the Torchwood series, was shorter than I'd expected. I'd been under the impression that the Torchwood books were bigger than the current Doctor Who series, but while the physical dimensions are indeed larger, there are actually fewer words per page than in "The Eyeless" (of course, these two might not be typical of their respective ranges, since they're the only ones I've read). And with the frequent (and not particularly useful) repetition of scenes from different viewpoints, this feels more like a slightly padded novella than a full novel - albeit a rather good novella.

This is a very effectively creepy ghost story. The explanation for the strange goings-on isn't especially inspired, but at least it does make sense and is resolved nicely, and it's not really the point. The regulars are in-character, with some entertaining backstory for Jack, and the temporary replacement doctor is an interesting addition to the cast. Better than most televised Torchwood.