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The Sleep of Reason

Hello! Miss me? It's been a while since I did any Who-related reading.

The Sleep of Reason by Martin Day hardly feels like a Doctor Who book at all, though it is a good read.

This is very much Laska's story, with the Doctor and his companions relegated to minor secondary character status. While they do play a major role in resolving the crisis towards the end of the book, for most of the time they're very much in the background, not even particularly important amongst the people Laska interacts with. I don't think there's ever been a Doctor Who book that could be so easily rewritten as a standalone novel. Fortunately, I found Laska to be a compelling character, quite capable of holding my interest during the slow buildup. It's a well-written story, quite possibly one of the highlights of the EDA range. Recommended, as long as you don't mind novels that are light on SF and DW content.

But Stephanie says, not Caroline.