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May. 1st, 2009 10:35 am
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The name of this comm is going to throw me off for a bit; I can't help but think of Beakman's World. (The Doctor probably prefers Beakman's to Bill Nye.)

I recently finished my first Doctor Who novel: Paul Cornell's "Human Nature". Sort of breaking my resolve not to read any of the books until I was out of actual TV to watch, but I needed something to read on the bus. I read the free PDF version on my iPod. All the free books posted by the BBC are available. I recommend Stanza, it's a great ebook reader.

As for the book itself: good. I wish the TV show had gotten to use some of the characters Cornell invents for Benny to be friends with - the feminist with the old dynamite sticks and her gay political landlord. It's hard not to compare the two finished products even though I think they ultimately have little to do with one another, but the TV show is sort of relentlessly depressing about the life the Doctor's been slotted into, and the novel at least makes it clear that the oft-mentioned issue of Martha's race could have been avoided, or made more positive for her.

Benny is no less strange to 19th century morals. Surely the very liberal gay landlord would have taken in a black woman as a lodger? Or the radical feminist - who has also become a maid in the TV version. More than focusing on Martha's skin color, I think I'm annoyed that the TV version is so relentlessly pointed about John Smith and surroundings, but never gives voice to the other side. There are no gay men working on labor issues, or feminists making a stand for the vote, or boys who become committed non-combatants. The TV show ends with us being so gratified that life isn't like that anymore, but unlike the book, doesn't care to show us how it happened. That sucks, because more than Benny, if any companion had just cause to start protesting being in the 19th c, surely it's Martha Jones.

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